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Hi Friends,

You can reach us if you have /known/associated with

Ability In Disability

Value the gift of life

Feel proud of differently abled

Wish to work with them

Wonderful story to tell

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Looking forward to listen your story!!



  1. hy this is jeet soni from kolkata and a also a physically challange and goin to organise a disablity matrimonial meet in kolkata soon ,. plz contact me now
    09331348201 or sms me so dat i will call u . jeet soni

  2. Hi! its Innu a differently abled girl. Young at heart & matured by brain. Lived a challenged life & have seen lot of sheds & tint of life. I am very proud the way god has made me bcoz this makes me special.

    I hav lot of thing to share with the world bt need a writer who can sit with me extract everything & pen down.

  3. Hi! I am Kumar. I have something to share about my life. Looking for a bride. I am physically challenged with defect in lower limbs using wheelchair. Working in top most MNC, settled in life.

  4. Every human being has got social responsibility. It is the duty of every human to take care of those who are less privileged. They should extend their helping hands and light the lives of those less fortunate people. They have their place in this world and they should be given the opportunity. The elite and the educated should prove their mettle in leading them. With this objective in view, Sudar Academy and Charitable Trust was started. Our mission and vision is to educate and emancipate these less fortunate people.These differently abled should be given their place in this world. In the process, the social imbalance existing in the society should be brought down.
    At present free education and food is being given to around thirty students, and we would like to extend it. And we are about to start an orphanage, an oldage home and a widow rehabilitation centre. But we are under financial constraint. Kindly visit and donate liberally. Help us work towards bringing a balance in the society. Let us join this mission.


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