About ‘ME

Sai Padma is a polio survivor with 70 per cent disability. She is a disability activist and had gained experience in the management of Not for Profit organization that focuses on health and education in coastal based rural, tribal and semi-urban communities. She administered and monitored Pratham, Home & Community based care and support, child labor school, Urban Health Center, Andhra Pradesh AIDS Control Society Projects and also worked for the management of persons with disabilities. She is instrumental in conceptualization and establishment of boys and girls hostel in rural area. She has been serving as executive trustee of LFWPT handling project, legal and finance areas.

She is Founder-President of Global AID ( http://www.globalaid.in) a registered organization that aims to bring change in the lives of persons with disabilities facilitating Mobility, Accessibility, Employability and Sustainability.

She is a writer/singer/fund-raiser for causes. Her articles on areas of disability in India were published in ILO journal, India Disability journal, Indian Women Online etc.. Short collection of her poetry titled “LIFE” was published.

She graduated in commerce and law. She is in the process of completing M.B.A. Finance and CA Final.She lives in an accessible home that stands as a model home in Visakhapatnam, India. She is married to Mr. Pragnanand Busi, a Development Professional and into Human rights activism.



  1. Dear Padma, Like your beautiful nature, you do beautiful work. Your passion and love for helping others is an excellent moral for many. I love it. Your life, work and your love definitely inspire hope in many. Well done Padma. You awaken and encourage many lost lives. Sometimes when hope seems fading, your warm words give healing to the wonds. I my self has experienced that and learnt so much from you. I wish you GOOD LUCK for everything you are doing.


  2. didi in small tenure of our friendship I have learn alot from you.Till now i had no ideal but now I got 🙂
    Thanx for being there

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