Rest in peace–hawa hawaii’ girl


Yes.. my dears,

We are a country that takes up classical music in batches n batches of students after watching “ shankarabharanam”

We are a society that sends our boys to classical dance dressing them up in kurta chudidar type dresses after watching “Sagara Sangamam “

We are a community where girls taken up beauty pageants seriously after Aiswarya Rai and Sushmita sen became world beauty icons

We are group of girls growing up watching chandinis, lamhe’s and idolized Mr. India’s sridevi . we tried chandini dresses, bangles and followed almost every print word of favourite actors and actresses

For good or bad.. we are obsessed with cinema and movie icons and our national news often consists of a movie actor entry into politics or his/her marriages and affairs.

But when a death happens, whether timely or untimely…

We become “Holier than Thou” and try to sweep all discomfort under carpet.. we don’t talk about drug overdoses, alcoholic abuses, depressions, obesity etc.. even one or two people like dipika padukone’s talk about depression of looking beautiful always , Or Vidya Balan about thyroid and weight management.. we make sure that all Bhumi pednekar types try to become super slim.

Why we are talking today about sridevi or her death.. its not to demean her looks, but aren’t we forgetting what a great actor she was.. cant we accept her aging gracefully ??

For that matter aging gracefully of anyone… can we really reverse age.. disability, age etc.. ?? as I am writing this , a close friend messaged her anguish about judgements on aging gracefully. Women are expected look best whatever age, apply hair dye , ridiculed about double chins, salt and pepper hairs etc.. !!

I am the one who cried copiously when sridevi married an already married man.. its as if someone in family took a decision not appealing to us, but I am so much struck in grief today and I had to pour my anguish ..having said that, I feel silly when I read that sridevi’s life and surgeries ( pressure of looking beautiful , surgeries or whatever ) should not be discussed under the tagline of …”woman supporting woman” ..

Yes.. dears

Woman support woman

For breast cancer support but NOT for Botox accidents

For aging gracefully NOT for bariatric surgical deaths (woman needs to stop that super look syndrome)

For depression and mental health related issues NOT for anything playing woman card

For Body shaming NOT for reversing the body clock in the name of beauty and looking good

For total health NOT for risky IVF’s and Surrogacies for a son

Dear Sridevi..I love you.. we Love you.. pardon us for pushing you towards looking good always..

We really don’t know what we are wishing and what fatigue it might cause to your body, soul as woman, mother and performer and as an individual.

Dear Sridevi.. we enjoyed your presence so much that we even forgot you belong to first batch of child labourers acting from age 4


Tearfully Yours,

Sai Padma (one in crores of your fans globally)


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