Of Course .. I am with Her.. Is that a Question??

Hillary Sai


                        Life is so normal and very ordinary for a person like me. When I am planning my visit to United States to study the organizations working for the disabled and elderly, I never knew I will stumble upon a golden chance to meet the contender of the most powerful presidency in the world!!


As Indian Not-For-Profit development professionals, we know what yeomen service Clintons and their initiatives and health care are doing for Indian people. For the world, Sen. Hillary Clinton is the most powerful woman in political, social scenarios. It was a surprise for us, when FOSAAC (Friends of South Asian American Communities) invited us to participate in their fund raising event held at a private residence of Anaheim Hills, Los Angeles. Working in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh me and my colleague were so engrossed in our own work, that Clintons means HIV/AIDS related work for us. Then we came to know it’s actually a fundraiser for her presidential campaign.


We went there with slight apprehension about the meeting. And we ended up meeting representatives from India, Bangladesh, Pakisthani, Nepal and Sri Lankan community people living in California. It was a pleasant morning. And we all asked to introduce our selves. We were asked to talk about our experiences in the not-for-profit sector. We discussed our work in rural Andhra Pradesh for the HIV/AIDS infected and affected children and adults and our rural health education and livelihoods programs run under the banners of “LFWP Trust” and GLOBAL AID


Our work and presentations were well received by all community members. It’s a great reward for us to talk in the group of people, coming from different countries. The different flags of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistani were a great sight to see together. Mrs. Clinton has attended the meeting for the breakfast meeting.

clip_image004She addressed the gathering of all the leaders. With such elegance and eloquence, she answered the questions reminded us of our own Mrs. Gandhi. In her addressing, she talked about rural health aspects. And also more transparent health care system in US. She answered all the questions that were asked about South Asians. She said her focus is on health care issues of America. And she referred India’s development in several fields. She emphasized her focus on research for Senator Clinton discussed the importance of the invaluable relationship between South Asian nations and the United States and the progression of India’s economic front. She acknowledged and was appreciative of the contributions the South Asian communities have made in the United States. Universal health care, immigration policies, and education were amongst the issues discussed. Furthermore, she informed the audience of the immediate attention needed to global warming and environmental changes. In regards to foreign matters, she spoke of the economic rise in China and India. “Deepening and strengthening” of U.S relations with India, one of the world’s oldest and largest democracies, would be top of the agenda if she is elected President of the United States of America.



clip_image006   Our Working Team with South Asians

We were fortunate enough to see her again within two weeks at the home of Mr.nadadur Vardhan and it’s a breakfast meeting again and she interacted with all very well. Actually, what attracts me to her and her love for India and simplicity. When she is leaving mesmerizing us all, I remembered I forgot to give her my book of poetry collection. But when I called her back “senator Hillary Clinton..?” she stopped and came all the way and took the book. I am glad that her collection might have my book of poetry in English. 

On that eventful day this what I spoke, with packed audience from different communities, can be summarized like this-

“Dear friends…

                        I am SAI PADMA, work for a not-for-profit organization committed towards rural education and health care and empowerment of disabled persons.

                        It’s a great moment for a person like me to join all of you here to meet and greet the most wonderful, strong and sensible lady mrs.Hillary Clinton.

·        As a non-profit worker I know what clinton’s did and still continue to do in health sector world-over.

·        As a woman, I know what strength it needs to balance the gender dimension and humanity

·        As a disabled person, I hope and believe she would do a lot for the disabled and how research can help the whole humanity

·        As a human being, I know what peace means and have immense confidence that she will become instrumental in delivering it for world prosperity.

We offered our gratitude to the group who has given us the opportunity to participate in the FRIEND RAISER. It’s really feeling great to meet a woman like Hillary who is focused, smart and confident.




When today I read her candidacy has been accepted … I feel like this

Again.. Yet Again..

World is going to bow before a mother

A natural leader ..A nurturer..

Yet Again..

There’s hope for

Billions of children suffering

Malnourished, wearing only courage to live as skin


Yet Again..

World will robe in hope of

A peaceful home over war ravaged souls

Once Again..

Its safe to be in home ..

Where a mom, woman a friend is taking care of things

Its not a question for me..






~~Sai Padma Anand



The above article is originally written for my Upcoming book ‘ WORLD OF WHEELS (WOW)- A DISABLED WOMAN’S JOURNEY THROUGH CULTURE, LIFE AND FAILURES..!!


© Sai Padma:// IPR All Rights Reserved


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