Hi Friends.. My name is Sai Padma (christened by my parents)

I am an advocate, finance professional, social worker and singer (out of choice and hard work)

I am a polio & scoliosis survivor and wheelchair user (No choice …neither any divine intervention here)


In my colony most people know me as “Wheelchair Madam” (christened by a maid who worked for me sometime .. who has vision like Shri Modi Ji, our PM.. she identified me with my wheelchair.. I don’t blame her)

Well.. Since this Divyaang business has come.. I am feeling somewhat powerless and so fearful for the following reasons

· What if someone decides to build a temple for me? And bury me along with my wheelchair?

· What if suddenly they decide that I need to be worshipped and break a coconut on my head??

· What if they include me in the list of gods and goddesses who doesn’t speak at all and snatch away my difficultly earned Adhaar, PAN , voter card??

This list is endless in my mind… if you are unaware of what’s happening in India and unaware of our new status for disabled.. check this chronology…!!


With this chronology of events, stage is set now in India… to call all PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES AS DIVYANG ..despite outcry from disability community to take the word back, the government wishes to so please our Prime Minister.. on 17th May 2016 they have announced that ..they will name the DEPARTMENT OF EMPOWERMENT OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES to “ DIVYANGJAN SASHAKTIKARAN VIBHAG’

When I heard that news.. my mind struck to one quote.. The real disability is attitude.. the attitude of one-side thinking and the attitude of not taking into cognizance millions of sufferers who are shouting on top of their lungs that, there is nothing divine about them.. treat them as humans and give them the rights and dignity..!


Is the heart and brain is not “Ang” (body part ) of human… if , Divyang applies to us, what about ATTITUDINALLY DISABLED ANG PEOPLE sitting at the helm of governance.. are they not divyaang?

Now , let me come to the constitutional part of it..!

Article 18 of the constitution prohibits the State from conferring any titles. Citizens of India cannot accept titles from a foreign State. The British government had created an aristocratic class known as Rai Bahadurs and Khan Bahadurs in India – these titles were also abolished. However, Military and academic distinctions can be conferred on the citizens of India. The awards of Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibhushan cannot be used by the recipient as a title and do not, accordingly, come within the constitutional prohibition”. The Supreme Court, on 15 December 1995, upheld the validity of such awards.

Well.. then who’s anyone to confer a title on Persons with Disabilities so generously… despite we all openly rejecting to the so called title given to us? Lets check the constitutional validity of this naming ceremonies to communities…!!

The Constitution of India under Chapter III guarantees fundamental human rights to all persons. The right to equality is enshrined in Article 14 of the Constitution and recognizes that all persons are equal before the law. Persons with disabilities are entitled to this guarantee to not be discriminated against in any manner and to be treated equally, which includes the requirement for special treatment where required.  

Well… here also , the so called man ki baat is not community man ki baat but.. PM ji’s man ki baat. This is a clear discrimination. Special names and titles we haven’t asked for…! How about a Human Rights Violation case on Department and Prime Minister…??

The Constitution secures to the citizens including the disabled, a right of justice, liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship, equality of status and of opportunity and for the promotion of fraternity.

Well.. what happened to the above things when we are agitating like this?


Constitution says- No Disabled person will be deprived of the right to the language, script or culture which he has or to which he belongs.

Our culture says .. we are PERSONS FIRST.. A PERSON IS NOT A GOD.. STOP THIS STEREOTYPING..god cant file cases.. we can.. lets file case on non-divyang governance..!

Check this..!!


We all have right to live and live with dignity… and unknowingly we all fighting with still the word, handicapped, disabled, specially abled, specially challenged, vikalang, vishisht ang, differently abled ..!!

If on top of it .. this DIVYAANG IS FORCED ON US, we are left with no choice than .. prove that we are not divyaang we do that??

  • · How about 70 million persons with disabilities not voting as divine parts don’t vote
  • · How about Public Interest Litigation on All the people violating constitutional and fundamental rights of disabled?

Dear friends.. bodies don’t define individuals… disabilities don’t act as markers for individual abilities…

Then why these names? Take it back else you will have a huge payback to equality… by disability fraternity…!!

All the above pictures are courtesy .. our community.. Abha Khetarpal, Vaishnavi Jayakumar, Dr. Satendra Singh , Jeeja Ghosh, Subhash Vasisht, Faisal and others ..whose untiring efforts are showing the real facts behind fake inclusion.. The equality faced charity.. like a human-angel hybrid.. Divyang


Sai Padma , A Person FIRST.. !!

P.S: Some of the Legal & Constitutional Issues need to be verified and are Under consideration by some more experts..!!


© Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved



      • Sai agree with your article. It is worrisome indeed. Wonder why they didn’t take feedback of this community before they form these departments. You have every right to veto. Rightly said that its an attitude issue more than anything. They should stop glorifying disability and rather work towards enabling and strengthening means.

      • Uma.. thank you so much.. on top of it they are feeling it as if they have helping us by calling us divyang instead vikalang..which is negative in the sense.. in this process everyone is forgetting the PERSON AND HIS/HER RIGHTS

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