A Succulent Gardener for Universal Access..!! -Dr. Scott Rains


Dear Scott Bhai..!

Greetings from Sai Padma, Global Ability In Disability

Scott, I can see you smile so infectiously when I just knocked on your door in July 7th, 2015. Before that, long back you entered our heart with your warm smile and passion to access this earth and make its accessible for persons with disabilities.

Scott, I remember the way you encouraged me to write and the way you sought opinions from India. Working with you I got to think whole new range of accessibility and more champions and their causes.

Scott… what not we have discussed… accessibility of Buddhist sites, beaches, more and more remote and tough areas… Inclusion legacy… what not?

Working with you is fun Scott… Miss you so much in bleak moments of helplessness…!

Everybody know that you are a fighter .. a warrior for access and also a globetrotter for universal design and access and a backbone to tourism industry.

But, few know your tender mentorship and the love and respect you have on your wife and family… having seen more authoritative persons with disabilities in my life and in leadership around… (don’t ask me what type of person I am… he he )

You are the first one to encourage me to take up access tourism as my focus area.

Scott… I miss you so much… but you are within many hearts, guiding them and suggesting best ways to roll on this earth…!

I can’t believe you left your body after long arduous fight with debilitating health conditions. I totally respect and in awe of your fight…

Give us strength Scott.. to carry out the work left by you and to have the same TORCH OF DHAMMA and SILENCE WITH COMPASSION in heart …!

Bye for now Dr. Scott Rains… till we get to meet you in heaven/hell to make it more accessible and amenable for tourists with disabilities over there…!

Patricia… though, I didn’t have the fortune to meet you directly, can understand your support Scott and I pray to god that he gives to strength to deal with the loss…!

BTW, with just being you and working tirelessly… haven’t you already CREATED A SUCCULENT’SEEDS IN EVERY HEART YOU TOUCHED FOR UNIVERSAL DESIGN AND ACCESS ??

What more inclusion legacy we need ? am I right bhai..?

Anand joins me in wishing you a body less travel and NIRVANA as you so deserve..!

Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam..!!

PS: I remember your succulent’s plants… the small gift you have given us while leaving…when we are coming back , my aunt asked me .. why I am so silent and sad? I told her about your health a bit..!

She said.. your friend has given you the ultimate gift by agreeing for the meeting and loved you enough to share his vision with you.. be happy for that and start working on that..!!

I will do so Scott.. THIS IS A PROMISE..!

~~Sai Padma DSC_0105

© Sai Padma:// IPR All Rights Reserved


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