IFR: International Fleet Review: Access status


With all its pomp and glory, the International Fleet Review (IFR) has started in Visakhapatnam, a city based on the coast of Bay of Bengal. For us, proud residents of Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, takes lot of happiness in the fact that, we are hosting it. I mean the eastern naval base located in vizag is hosting it. Nonetheless, its an opportunity that’s been bestowed or honored on a small city that’s going to place a vital role in the near future.

Vizag is a fast developing city, it’s not stupendously growing, thanks to the sea one side and limited space. By division of state in to two independent states, this coastal city has assumed much more importance. Growing up near to vizag in small villages, people like me are of the hope that, one day we will live in vizag and see all the nature’s beauty with all its glory added by man-made events.

I live within 4.2 kms to Ramakrishna beach popularly known as RK beach, where the IFR is happening and I feel completely trapped in my own home, have to satisfy with watching the 56 countries, parading the in the mighty banks of Bay of Bengal along with warships in the sea, in our TVs

Is being patriotic is also such a undesirable thing to be asked by person with disability? Four corners of our house, every nearby junction is closed for security reasons, limited passes were issued to citizens with no priority to Persons with Disabilities and Elders who can’t walk.

At the most what we can do? Take a car ride to nearest junction either Andhra University, or Andhra Medical College ground, Zilla Parishad office, Chief Engineer ZP office, AMC Doctors Colony and Pandimetta Junction connecting roads. 

Ok dears. how do you expect for wheelchair people from walk there, who is there to escort? Any special passes for persons with disabilities and elders?

Smart city, how one city becomes smart without taking into cognizance the needs of vulnerable population?

Every time an event happens, disabled people make hue and cry, and leisurely everyone say.. Oh we are sorry! This country is all inclusive, why do you think otherwise?

No one knows the status of applications/complaints/reports after events, the event is done and dusted. People like me lost another opportunity to witness our country’s might one more time. Sometimes you feel tired being an activist, you feel just bored complaining all the time.

You feel concerned about being “Common Disabled or Common Elder” in this powerful country, where access is eye-wash.

Anyway, I am happy, despite evacuating huge fishermen community on security reasons, and several vendors on the beach who are real beach experience in vizag, navy and governance is successful in painting the beach blue… albeit not so oceanic. As they were not included in the beach cultural events, the events are given to corporate. So instead of applying haldi, vizag applied branded cosmetic look so carefully outsourced.

Anyway, I am happy that Vizag at least applied a fairness cream, patching up the deep holes and making them dangerously shallow, putting a canopy for pollution layered sky, tenting the slums and fisherman community which are the main part of vizag and real protectors of the sea.

Yes, we are smart and global. But are we able and real universal … only time will tell, only time will tell…!!

Signing off to salute to this great country in front of a TV,

–Sai Padma Murthy

A common Disabled person, who neither have a political backing of parties flagging off their flags with disabled, nor part of any governing system, which has wheel carrying personnel at its whims and fancies…!!



© Sai Padma : IPR:// All Rights Reserved


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