What a DAY means to us.. For that matter anyone? Sometimes we get a clue and sometimes we don’t. When you have a vulnerability called disability, there is lot that goes into mind and psyche of person, that one day can’t contain. Disability is a continuous management of several pains, vulnerabilities, hit and run opportunities and tons of disappointments.

But we raise, dust off the pains, lick our wounds and try to stand and try to make an impact in lives of others. Inspiration is not a mobile app that we can launch and it starts working. Inspiration is sweat, rejection, failure, fatigue and finally a small exhausted smile.

I and Global AID this year have experienced all. From the last year victorious rally to this year becoming a strategic partner to several NGOs, we worked hard this year and reached most unreached.

This year work include:

  • Sophisticated arms fitting to ONE deserving case
  • Scholarship Support to TWELVE disabled people
  • Assistive Devices support to TEN mentally challenged and physically challenged people
  • Job Assistance to FIVE
  • Marriage counseling and Documentation support to TWENTY
  • Access audit of TWO establishments- One a community park, the other Holiday resort
  • Insurance Support to TWO
  • Care Provider Provision to THREE disabled beneficiaries.
  • Psycho social and counseling support to TWO Autism persons
  • Support post Cyclone to Disabled-FIVE
  • Access Advisory Papers –FIVE
  • International Presentation- ONE
  • Rehabilitative services collaboration

But there’s much to do …it pains when these basic things still don’t happen:

  • Persons with disability has no political or judicial voice to ask their rights. Most of the sectors, they are still beggars and jokers.
  • Meaningless Processes followed: its so troublesome to see many severely disabled persons have to go in queue’s for their pensions just to give their credentials like thumb impression, and iris ..if it’s a onetime inconvenience, its OK.. but its EVERY MONTH
  • Minimal job assistance to qualified people and absolutely no strong mechanism to identify and train the persons with disabilities.
  • No support to severely disabled persons who don’t come under any category. Its reported that, almost 10% of the developed disabilities don’t report. I wonder is it still stigma or just lack of awareness or both
  • If job has been achieved, Promotion to persons with disabilities is a big NO NO.. “ God! Why you need promotion.. we spat job on you..!” actual words to a disabled by her employer
  • People treat you as starving for sex and relationships. Chatting is OK but No meeting and maintaining
  • Families think you don’t need property – “ Arre bhai! Disabled and no children nor husband ..why they need property.. well.. they cant manage too ..” Actual perception even In case of most qualified disabled
  • Privileged Disabled think, they own the other disabled persons… Enough of Sanskritisation..!!
  • Governments think… A SCHEME FOR EVERYTHING on paper
  • Friends think you are inspirational….Please be rational on us sometimes
  • Lovers think you are so in secured and demanding … Give me a break
  • Children think disabled parents are dumb wits .. who needs discipline here ?

But still.. we have come a long way.. but nearing only half way.. lots and lots to do before we call it quits..!

Miles and miles to wheel or crawl before we call it end of journey..!


© Sai Padma:// IPR All Rights Reserved

Pic Courtesy: PRAGNANAND


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