John Sir & Vipassana



I was a skeptic to many things in life.. especially stuff like meditation, because , fighting my pain on a daily basis is my meditation I used to say ..!

Two persons changed my view on this – One – Anand who did vipassana meditation and strictly followed many things and achieved a lot through that, but I was still hesitant to go for meditation… alas… not for people like me who are already grown up!

Two- John Sir- Mr. John Hemanth Kumar , a banker- turned- Montessori trainer- turned-vipassana teacher- turned -Child psychologist .. John sir journey is as exciting as any spiritual book that can alter our life, IF WE ARE KEEN ON READING TO UNDERSTAND AND PRACTICE IT..!

When he asked me to go to vipassana .. I just laughed on his face.. who .. being somewhere all alone with some minimal help and on top of it.. ME WITHOUT TALKING ….!!!!!!!!

Well.. John sir don’t know me I thought… then after some coaxing I agreed to go. My mother said she will come with me and in the final moment , said she cant make it. I was frustrated and went alone , all the way cursing John sir ..for making the arrangements already, for convincing me that I should try , If I want to work on me !

The rest is history… as they say.. I went and did a 10 day vipassana course, On only one prayer that .. that I have to reduce my dependence on medications , pain medication or whatever medication.

Now, after 5 years vipassana and john sir has become synonymous to me …what I learned from both:

  •   It takes a lot of time , to quite our mind and even stop talking with our own self
  •   Every negative vibe, over ambition, effects us in many ways than we imagine
  •   Formulating life , and health – first expect less from the world
  •   Love without attachment – it is possible!
  •   Broaden your horizon of work .. chantings has effect on mind
  •   Scientific methodology of meditation can dispel pain and make you more understand the side effects of medication
  •   In case of emergency, keep your body ready for anything including the final friend ..Death
  •   Disability is best ability, as most of your energies are still needed to be used and focused in clusters
  • Do meditation .. then even death comes like a dear friend

I cant thank John sir ..for being part of my life.. .and sincerely feels and glad to understand that he is with me and supporting my work always..!

Thank you so so much John sir ..!


© Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved



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