Happy Anniversary Dear ‘V’ @6



The day started with divine blessings of Smt. Sita Lakshmi and Smt. Rao Bala Saraswathi, women who are inspiration to me ( ofcource, they are more fond of Anand) My family and cousins wishing Anand well for bearing a person like me ( inside they love me, outside they wish Anand only)

Our Hostel Students celebrating with Chicken and Laddu.

Prema Samajam , Vizianagaram Elders celebrated us with their elders. My father paid for their lunch and patronage as a marriage day gift for us.

A friend met first time, he is brother of another friend and willing to extend his support for kids with disabilities and elders

Blessings from all elders and friends, and lot of friends were wondering already 6 years over.

This year terribly missing two mothers, my mother and mother in law

Life is awesome with you Anand, I am feeling I just met you and started the journey with you.

Yes, I work lot, Sit a lot, need your help to do everything, I gorge on food, sometimes I don’t diet, fond of cloths and mobiles and technology.

Thanks for accepting my above disabilities with your love.

Yes, you are too disciplinarian, and have a particular value set, you focus on only one work at a time, never ambitious, forgetful regarding money, don’t like my multi-tasking at all, and skeptical of Facebook and Twitter..!!

I congratulate myself for accepting your above disabilities and include you… in this excitement called life.


May all beings be happy..!!

–Sai Padma


© Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved


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