We Love You Mummy..!!

Ganesha 009

So less people can proudly say that my Mother In Law is one of my best friend.. I am one of those fortunate persons.

Today me and my husband Anand were became orphans, we lost her to vicious cancer and trauma of post radiation effects. She chose not to fight anymore. It’s a huge loss to our entire family.

When Anand chose to marry me, she said only one thing – “What’s disability? Tomorrow if something happens to me, I will be in a wheelchair.. But take decision out of love not out of pity..! Love make hardest decisions easier and pity makes easiest task a hurdle” chiseled words of wisdom which shaped our life. Not many woman have the same grace of acceptance towards life..!

Mrs. Vanajakshi , my mother in law , always preferred all of us call her mummy. How I miss you mummy.. It’s so unfair that you left us at the age of 65.

A woman , who embraced Budhdhism long back and her only regret being not able to donate her entire body other than cornea, is an inspiration to me and Anand always. We miss you physically mummy!!

She is an inspiration to me as woman, as mother, and above all best friend with zest for life. With sheer grit, she and Anand gave an insight to life which is greatest asset than anything.

Disability sucks sometimes and it robs us our physical commitments … but she is always feel so confident about me saying last words… “You be safe and take care of Anand “ .she used to say- “ నా పేరు వనజాక్షి పద్మలీల .. మనం చేయలేకపోతే ఎవరూ చేయలేరు.. కదూ ..!!” Yes mummy, if we are not, no one else can leave such a powerful imprint of love..!!

Pray for us to deal with this huge loss..!
–Sai Padma Anand


© Sai Padma:IPR All Rights Reserved


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