The Liquid’ Modernity Thus Far…!



He said he is never tired looking at her
She felt proud blushingly
He dictated he is intoxicated of her beauty
Thus he is heavily drunk
She agreed coherently
When I drink your beauty …I need no liquid
Asserted he… Acquiesced she…
The story of pre-nuptial this is

Years leave by drowning in different moods
Happy, sad, potent and impotent
Important and useless
All celebrated not with understanding and compassion
But with different liquids
Tacit and illicit … gulping down the throat of him
Becoming silent tears of her
The story of post –wedding that is …

Autumn leaves of frivolous past
Crumbled by left hopes
Sometimes liquids create restrained distance
He drinks to his death… in abysmal spirits
She toasts in four corners of their sober past
Dried eyes and compromised pace
Not hoping for any lucid intervals
The story of liquid modern life thus far…!!



Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved


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