Poetic Change


You are changed when –
Paradoxes didn’t perplex you
They just become skeletal realities
Pornographic thought of a throw-away life
Attains glamour sans respect..!!
You are changed when-
The innocence of overgrown child
Is tucked and crushed under materiality
Thrashing some doors of creativity
Leaving to gather emotional moss…!!
You are changed when-
Blatant lies and blasphemy becomes morality
For an adult child bed-time stories time
Nit-picking the remnants of nostalgia
To live under the veil of memories..!!
Oh! My Dear! Change is constant and permanent
Change is fresh coat of paint on well-worn life wall
Never returned to old patch-work of realities
Change is when you become a poet


© Sai Padma ://IPR All Rights Reserved


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