Not(e) A Poet…??


I am not a convincing poet…
To simulate semantic synergies
Out of abysmal existence
Sensationalize my fever
Making nations dance to my fervor..!

I am not a Nature Loving Poet
To extract expatriated honey
Stemming out of cocaine loving generation
The freshness of drowsed existence
Menacingly sucks me..!

I am not a political poet
To carefully enact the rehearsed happiness
After weighing down pros and cons
Selecting congest confluence of all
Though, once tried to build mansions with pack of cards..!

I am just an Architect of aphorisms
Of human bondage and suffering
Ravaged by waged wars and slavery
And engineer trying build burnt bridges
Between human minds, on remains of embraced lifestyles

I am just a collector of apt words
To console humanity alienated from trust
Just a protector with no agenda whatsoever..
No more and no less.. No more or no less.. !!

© Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved


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