Amma – You Are Ours…!!

Happy Birthday Amma

Sometimes you don’t understand what to write about a person who is anchor of your life. Without even claiming that title my mother dr. Adiseshu is such epitome of service and compassion in lives of us, and lives of her sisters and their kids too. Motherly love- many have written volumes about it… sang sonatas and immortalized motherhood. But, in this frenzy activity, we forget that mother is also a human being, a woman and a sensitive kid who just lives on tender hooks of our joys and sorrows..!!

As A disabled child me and as non-disabled child my sister, we share a special bond with our mother. In fact, she has always been like a child with us , though educated and trained way back in 70s as physician and served many many woman in our area as gynecologist, her role as mother to us is always unique .

She used to change her work cloths immediately once she comes back from duty with a fresh bath. Similarly, she used to leave the EGO that she is a doctor, life saver with the same ease, which never cease to amaze me .

There are many things I learned from her – in fact no learning is complete till death.

  • She focused on our learning as human beings fist, woman next
  • She practiced equality.. Not an easy task among rural India divided by castes, creeds, and many classes of people.
  • She never emphasized importance and all in all nature with money. Being basically a giver, she always used to say… With the same child like enthusiasm “ I wish my legs could be given to you padma.. That would be the happiest day of my life “
  • When I met my husband- to-be and she interacted with him as only my friend at that point of time- when our marriage talks are in progress, on a evening she told me- “padma! That boy is compassionate, you may think that you can get any man but anand will look after you as his best friend. Not many men think his wife as best friend..! Just go for the marriage ..!!” one of the wisest piece of advice I have ever heard.
  • A strange incident happened when I am studying 7th class. One day in our class, which is thatched shed, huge wind came with heavy rain. And the shed is collapsed at one side. All the other students and teachers left me and I am unable to come out due to my disability and inability to walk. With me , another teacher struck just holding me , to give me courage. After a huge downpour, me and that teacher madam were struck when the shed almost collapsed other than one area where we moved in order to save us. She is the only one who stood beside me .. we were struck in such rain for 40 minutes. Later people rescued us. When Amma came to know that, she immediately calls the teacher and got her medically examined (teacher is 5 months pregnant) and supplied medicines and thanked her profusely for saving me. Amma is concerned about the child that’s in the teacher’s womb.
  • The only complaint she has on me is.. I don’t enough practice music. I know how she struggled to carry an oversized disabled child (that’s me) when we went on family outings. The day I thought what a burden I am on my mother.. I found a new responsibility of being independent always. Which I am still practicing.
  • Our Amma is simple. Which is hard to practice for me , even today. Grand things never attract her, an evening, jasmine flowers, fresh cotton saree and family and her sisters together.. she used to re-live that freshness months together. How can one be so simple? Till date is clueless to me.
  • Memories flood when I think of her.. When doctors told her that ..I am completely affected by polio.. never walk .. and can never talk again.. I was told , she consulted everyone in her faculty till a professor said – “ No your child will speak.. You will hear her beyond the streets ..” jokingly

Today, she went beyond my speech, where my calls are not reachable to her- her last e-mail says “ Padma! I want to learn more about computers, I want a teacher like you..!!”

She carried me like a baby .. Though I am grown-up, she merged into me. She took away the child in me, an emotional dependent person in me .. Leaving me like a replica of her with more mettle and steely resolve of being the manager of my life.. People will teach you how to lead life and how not to also..!!



She found love:

In her family

In her husband

In her children


She found fulfillment:

At work and call of duty

In humanitarian services

In being loved and respected


She found herself:

In her surrender to the divine

In Music

In Peaceful Death


We found her :

In Giving & Loving

In re-living in silence

In being Unconditional (to the extent ..!)

–Sai Padma & Anand

— Pavani & Venkat


© Sai Padma ://IPR All Rights Reserved 


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