Vaginal Dialogues …


Had enough of monologue…

Now vagina’s world-wide

Wants a definite dialogue…

Oh..Why.. Oh..Why..

Now you have it all..

Choose the way you want..

You have it all now dear..

You have it all..

a voice Echoes out of century’s laziness

But enacting an activeness..


What do I possess really?

The world-wide vagina thinks..

To be succumbed to whims and fancies..

To be a product in the market..

Suspect the conduct as a target

To be as vulnerable as one gets…

To be equally pray to

Mutilation beyond belief…


Kingdoms conquered Walking all over me…

The new order set…

By proving who dominate more vaginas

The claustrophobia of cowardice

Numbs me beyond belief…

Vagina laments…


Yes… I want to escape…

Just will spend a woman’s day

Buy things in discount…

Turn off my senses

Pamper my moods…

Roam around swish places

Wear the lifestyle as anesthesia

Endlessly clap all the men

Celebrating Woman’s day


After all… This is my day..

Though they call it woman’s day…!!

Laugh and be merry

My dear vagina…

You are just exploited

In every corner of the world..

Whether you have a day or not…

You are just always at fault…

Though tightly secured by garter belt



The preying eyes knows

Where the victim is…

Let these road accidents..

Vengefully drunken dogs..

Bully your courage…

Let them not think you can take any abuse..

Their mind wardrobe is always

In a malfunction…

Every abuse gives a direction..

For a pepper spray fearing generation..

Defend yourself… you only can do it..

The system’s intellect has become like eunuch

It now needs a woman’s touch…

To be humane..

Just buckle up…

No one can bull-doze Your spirit..

No one should dare…!!

–Sai Padma


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