Cobweb of Customs….



Women are multi taskers..

Yeh…did you call me for your missing shoes??

Or for some pending work..

A half-opened door..

Distant sound of leaking water..

You hardly hear…


A spade here and a spade there…

We got theorized and

Patently customized to needs

By our willing parents

While mending the mundane…

We search our inner selves..

Albeit with another disguise of you…

Who takes credit of the chiseled thoughts..


Yes… We are multi-doers

Raging bull never scare us…

Similarly an alcoholic companion…

The bruised soul of several nights…

Gets ready for sunshine with equal fervor

Flaunts the titles generously bestowed on us…


Yes..we are arrogant…

Ravaged by limited knowledge

Longing for fresh breath of freedom..

We think few and detoured

Rarely do any..

We always think..

Yes.. we are arrogant when not obeying ..


Yes…we are in a web..

Either virtual or societal and real..

We chose YOU as our destiny

Are Slaves to our own love..

With blood-shed or without..

What’s left to us other than being called

The creatures of web…

When you can say our union

An Exasperated sex..


Yes… we live in the cobwebs

On our intellect…

Where do I get a broom??

to un clutter that..which is

Made of customs and customary thoughts

In the careful consumer world..

I am keen to clear the cobweb…

The shining of intellect choking to bear…


Further… We need to find time for that…

We are too busy for us..!!

Finding the shreds of bruised life..

Making it a compassionate smile..


[Reading Canvases:

The Painting WEB OF THOUGHTS , A pencil sketch done by Ms. Ragini Chaubey, a  Delhi Based Artist, some of her work can be seen at]


© Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved


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