Adieu to you..




Adieu to you..
My brother
And faraway friend..
To the spirit In you..
To kingdom of Abusive habits

Joyously bidding you
A mirthless adieu
Dedicated to
The hollow darkness in you
Engulfing the brightness of
Many lives…
Many souls
Much enthusiasm


I tried for decades
To become your partner in crime
Of killing the values in me..
I tried to be
As dutiful as
Society dictates and demands
I tried to be door-mat
And key of your happiness..
Many women cried
In the process..
Of making one man happy
The robe which covered you
Is stained with blood..
stained days of insults

Given by you..
Some inflicted…
You lead me through the maze
Of your bizarre whirlwind feels
Actions and  inertia…
Much has happened
Many lives have gone..
You built your home
In a typhoon….

Grand of you to welcome
Into your home of quick sands
For an abysmal cohabitation..
Much happened
From our innocent lives
Which is…
Crushed under your
Menacing will
To be a man…

I am just a woman and humane..
Bidding good-bye to
Your double-standards
Your insecurities…
Your attempts to
Drag souls into
Mud of murky mind..
I choose to stay away..
I chose not to enjoy the abuse..
I will forget the pain..
I can never forgive you..
Forgiving is not forgetting
And forgetting can ever be forgiving
For the blood-less suicides
You affected..
By just being you..

Farewell my friend…
You are walking on the
Corpses of women..
Some alive and some dead..
Alive they may shun you…
Dead will haunt you..
I am tired of offering
Packaged Gift of my humanity and concern
To a ravaged soul like you..
Farewell my brother…Farewell..
To my bruised love for you in me …!!




(Dedicated to many wayward brothers and friends.. who were merged into meaningless manhood..leaving choking souls and bruised values..)






© Sai Padma ://IPR All Rights Reserved


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