Soliloquy Tales..



Without batting an eye-lid

You stopped everything

For good or worse..

The place is never the same

There is no room

For the sameness

The routine..

The soliloquy

Stranded like a dew drop

Unfazed by any

Cyclonic emotions..

Everything stopped still

For you

And for me in you…

I still vouch..

I will be with you

For good or worse..

Heck .. don’t ask me

To forgive you..

The flattering forgiveness

Left my consciousness

Long back..

Jaded by listening

The constant lies

You told your soul

So dramatic

Forgetting I may not..

Forgiving I will not….!!


–Sai Padma


© Sai Padma :// All Rights Reserved



  1. Sai Padma garu,

    Cyclonic emotion (remove ‘s’, for harmony’s sake since it qualifies soliloquy)… is an excellent pictographic expression.

    “The flattering forgiveness / Left my consciousness / Long back…”

    These words need an amazing sense of detachment or asceticism to come out from the lips (or pen) of a young mind. I find in your writing a conscious attempt for precision and clarity of expression… that augurs well
    My hearty best wishes to you

  2. Murthy Garu.. Thank you so much for your understanding and comments. Please also tell what my faults are so that i can try to mitigate them. you have really made my day. thank you so much.

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