Surrogacy Legacies …


Living on legacy

Of forgotten dynasty

Lest the mutation happened

Best we forgot that


We want a heir..

Not so apparent

But also prominent

We rent it all…

To buy back in installments

Human quality is stalled

Giving full toss to degenerated values…

Indian surrogacy game..

Just been the same..

For money… for comforts

Putting the motherhood..

Their health at the stake..

This is what we have..

This ought to be sold..

They say…

The matter-of-factness of life

At the threshold of

Green greedy currency..


What the heck if one sells her womb

To generations selling values

Mothers, sisters…Lovers on cross

For greener pastures

Better prospects…

Conceiving so immaculate…

For generation which is late

Hailing it the right way…

Making more orphans

With highly populated wombs..

Who care for their wounds…???



Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved





  1. Post-modernism leaves a leeway to look at, deconstruct, define n customize what is prevaling to make it redundant in order be apt to individual modalities. We can say its a brave new world. We can say its the graved new world.

    Threshold might remain infinitely elusive – at times.

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