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The points for Agenda/Manifesto in Including Disability and Elderly into political scenario and full participation

  • We will implement 3% reservation in political rights. We will enable the disability sector to take full participation
  • Amendment to the Article in the Constitution for the Insertion of the word “ Disability”
  • We will implement for the welfare of the Employees with Disability region wise and basing on the census. As with 2006 census there are total 12, 99,054 employees out of which 3% comes out to 38,971- we will work on fill the gap in recruitment and promotions if any
  • We will ensure, all the government benefits for the Pwd reach them by establishing an online and offline 24/7 help line
  • Henceforth, starting from now, i.e., 2014, our party will field eligible PWDs to contest in all elections, from Panchayat to Parliament. In order to achieve this, we will make our pioneering effort for the creation of reserved constituencies based on the rightful representation of population of PWDs.
  • Implement a fast track policy towards completion of providing access for all public utilities, public buildings and transport (land, air and sea) for ex. Physical access to polling booths, etc..
  • Implement the right to education and provide vocational training for the PWDs by creating infrastructural facilities, recruitment of qualified human resources and schemes for financial support
  • Achievement of ‘zero-backlog’ with respect to the recruitment of jobs in government, public and private sector undertaking.
  • Introduction and implementation of special scheme focused on free and comprehensive care and support of medical, health and insurance needs of PWDs.
  • Free, full and timely support of judiciary with respect to the legal aid.

Suggestions to a Political Party on Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities and Senior Citizens:

Diverse Consumers or Stake Holders makes a long-term impact on any enterprise or political party. The idea is to find out more such vulnerable sections into full participation with equal Human and Political Rights. We, on behalf of Global Ability In Disability- Global AID, has the following suggestions for any new/old political party which intend to have INCLUSIVE POLITICS AND FULL PARTICIPATION OF ALL to their benefit.

  • The massive voter enrolment of Disabled and Elder voters: we often see the media attention to one or two voters being assisted into polling booths. Most of the time the full enrolment doesn’t happen, even if they happen, systematic approach to voters and enrolment of fist voters from disability sector needs to be addressed. For ex. Obama Method in attracting first voters from the universities.
  • Circle of influence for Persons with disabilities: generally, the persons with disabilities and elderly yield a lot of influence socially among their families, or the community, like ward level and mandal level. Effective and periodical utilization of their abilities.
  • Access for full political participation: physical access barriers act as hindrance to effective political rights of persons with disabilities. With the sheer number of persons with disabilities and senior citizens, it will become a sizeable vote bank and any party which strives for universal design of all public spaces in its manifesto will have a niche and workable idea with affordable cost.
  • Re-enforcing Disability and Elderly Care and Support: The support of the needy is a greatest workable method for sustainable development of the party and cadre. Identifying the potential candidates for financial support and making it a transparent issue will speak of success in volume of new supporters.
  • Transparency of Disability and Elderly Records: The data of Disabled and Elder voters and their preferences have not been properly recorded by any political party so far. By employing effective media and other awareness methods and through electronic channels, the dynamic data can be captured, effectively used to get more sections into the full participation of governance. For ex. In a non-purposive survey conducted for usage of disability pension, we found that more than 50% of the meager pension is spent for mobile phone charges and communication.
  • Strategic Steps towards Implementing Disability Reservation in Jobs: Constitution has granted 3% reservation in jobs in government and semi-government and recently in private sector too. But, the effective implementation of the reservations and placing of the real disability in the job sector needs to be given priority. It will affect the daily lives of youth with disabilities with economic option and full exercise of human rights with dignity. There is every possibility for the goodwill generated will work in favor of the party.
  • Systemic Organizing of Committees for Disabled and Senior Citizens: Disabled account for 10-15% of the population according to new census. If we add the population of senior citizens with same physical, medical, and social needs and rights, we will be addressing the rights of huge vote bank with sustainable and longer life spans and all in voting range. Hence, organizing the committees in ward/village/mandal/district levels makes sense for a cohesive plan for sustainable supporters.

What a Party can do to work on the above suggestions:

  • Developing a Disability Think Tank in the party or outside the party
  • Involving country level and local level disability leaders and intelligence from the senior citizens sector
  • Use of technology and periodical update of disability records
  • Conducting workshops and conferences to assess the needs
  • Issue of party cards to supporters
  • Creating the hub of access showcasing the vulnerability of Disabled and Elderly voters and impact the party can make

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Catching a Niche Area with new ideas has been the Mantra for any organizational success and visibility.


[Article Written by Sai Padma Murthy & Pragnanand Busi for Global Ability In Disability]

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