Celestial Fraction…



Adorned in glittery orange of hope

In a gray pool of misery

Speaking truths like code red

Listening murky moist green music

Of praise and desire behind it

Appearing surreal

In fear of being real…

Oh god!! You are a thread

Of a neglected note

In soulful melody..

Of greed…

We are succumbed to you..

Ever and forever…Beneath your

All knowing mystic smile..

From serene eyes of blue gray..

With a fateful blue forehead

Foreseeing our eternal

Quest to use you

As their convenient

For us…Praying you is not surrender


It’s a display of celestial fraction..!!!

–Sai Padma


(Inspired by the above painting by Mr. Krishna Ashok)


Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved


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