Transpiring Chiffon…


Truth that is..


Ever silent ….

Yet..truth that is..

Camouflaged so carefully..

The mind and heart ethos..

Not always pathos..

The paths different..

So are the truths..

Yes.. but.. truth must go on

Be it robed or naked..


Like a summer hot wave

Pricking like an iceberg

Stinging the soul..

Like a sand veil..

Shiny yet choking..

Silky but probing ..

Pure but with unease

Robbing the essence of falsity

Repressing the smile

At everyone’s beckoned truth

So tactfully cloaked …..

Truth transcends

With all its elements

In all its primordial nudity

Akin to transparent chiffon

Transpires ….

Time and again

Transmigrates into the absolute.

With ageless radiance…..!!!


© Sai Padma :// All Rights Reserved


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