The VIRTUAL ABILITY IN DISABILITY..The Story of Our Website..!

As a person with disability and a die-hard fan of Ability In Disability, I have found innate peace and bliss when you see ABILITY beyond any disability.. that may be physical disability, economic, structural or attitudinal.


Let me introduce one such beautiful ability Mr. Narsing Rao Bongurala, a Printer, Content maker, Web, Graphic,Flash Designer, Small Business Owner.. A great Human being and A Person with Disability.

Today Global AID is so proud to have him as friend and Website Manager that he has given his Ability which has turned into a beautiful website for Person with Disabilities.. Please check our site


What Makes Narsing Garu Different than others.. His approach and friendly nature and focus on the task.. I always remember this quote when I think about him.. ” Everybody is a Genius. But if we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid…!!”


ahh…the importance of judging.. Thanks for being part of the Team Narsing Garu.. You just rock.. !! check his work..


He is working on making the site more accessible for visually impaired and Persons with low vision, Under the guidance/Suggestions of our Web Accessibility Experts. We will soon be more accessible.


Check our cause

Sai Padma

Team Global AID

All stories has a Post-Script..this too has.. like my trials and tribulations in finding a good designer, paying to wrong people and getting thrashed friendly by our web accessibility expert and my brother in cause, Srinivasu Chakravarthula.. ( You should know the cause why you are making a website Akka.. You know the kind of people you believed to deliver… before narsing..Where did you get this kind of people..?? Who has no heart for the cause or functionality…bla bla..). Further, lovingly threatened by my Husband, Pragnanand.. ( If you want to do.. DO IT PERFECT..otherwise don’t do.. focus on how many you can reach.. show the right way.. What you don’t know..don’t write/tell/advice.. bla..bla..)

But guys.. without you I am nothing..Thanks.. for all friends to make us visible.. really virtual..!


© Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved.


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