Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Challenge to Challenged/Challenges


Not like an Restaurant Menu…nor an Ice cream Variety.. Its a rare genetic disease that causes Brittleness in bones while forming it self…bones will form as if they get broken by puff of a wind..if we touch them..hold them their bones may fracture.. There are several types in this..

Though.. Despite all this.. They are special.. They are beautiful.. They are talented.. Why we have to leave such ability just because they have Disability..?? Trying to help a couple having a six and half year old such baby…now in hospital for a Hip Fracture..! I need help and information resources regarding the following things..

  • Are there any Counselors who can help them? Trained and Professional ( At least people who has seen one case like this?? I have seen one case but.. But that person is sick now to help anyone..!) 
  • any parents groups working for them in the country?
  • Any Person with the same problem who can communicate by phone/mail? 
  • Preferable language of Communication: Telugu & English
  • If Other Languages who wish to help, You can reach me sai.globalaid@gmail.com

Suggested Reading on Osteogenesis Imperfecta; A novel titled ” Handle with Care” Jodi Piccoult ( Reading Now..!)

                                    Brittle Bones, Stout Hearts and Minds: Joan Ablon



To reach a greater beauty in ability… its a team work of many.. Read this post and comment and also suggest what best we can do..! Where are the resources and what parents and persons like me who wish to help them…learn..???

OI conference 2011




Sai Padma ://IPR All Rights Reserved.


One comment

  1. My God hearing about dis for d 1st time padma.. This is cruel.. I do not know how i can help but if im of any help plz let me know.

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