Silhouetted Serenity….


Next to me nature…

In its vivid silhouettes

Cascading like emotions..

Some savagery and some raw..

Making silhouette serene..

Hiding savagery too..

With a touch of

Mystic hand I touched your silhouette

Next to me..

Sleeping like new born..

Yawning in its own lazy breeze..

Soft hair wavy images..

Seeing it first time..

Mimicking to be insomniac

This silhouette..

May have slept next to you for years…

Touching everywhere except soul…

You yearn for a sleepy snore…

I for a tranquil bliss…

Today I laugh at the word


Which also done with a lost-soul

Sometimes… never real..!



–Sai Padma ://IPR All Rights Reserved.


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