Caged Intellect…

indian women


You loved my look traditional..

I put biggest Bindi on tiny forehead

You liked to see me in purple…

Crimsoned me wore purple life..

You said…” be independent”

I managed your bank accounts…

You said… I am innocent…

I signed on your dotted lines

You locked me in caged home…

I reminded you of the lost key…

You celebrated woman’s day

I clapped for man’s woman’s day

But friend…

I chose to be in cage…

But for love..Not for your rage..

The lost key of intellect

Is so intact with me…

You may not need it…

I know how to use it..!!



© Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved


One comment

  1. yes its a fact dealt in a very candid expression sai kudos…..u said what we do but i know why we do ….yess its not they who cage us as u said its our own self made cage….kudos for a good an attempt with angst towards women ‘s caged intellect…love urs j

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