Let’s Make Some Love…



Love is happening…one says…

Love is made…Another proclaim…

Love is every where.. says one

But love is in the air… Confirms another.

Let’s make love.. Other calls

With a fleeting glance without

How to ask or what to ask?

Like engraved writings on a washed out sands

The making happens all the time..

Without knowing what’s making..

Here we get confused about love to define..

Another questions..

Can love happen twice..???

Who cares whether twice or thrice…

They are busy in making love

Carefully blending all ingredients

That our market carefully dictates..

And corporate willfully designs

Like inches of our desired Television

Like color of our bedspread

The hangar for our dirty linen…

Making love… wins the prize

Among the greatest cookery shows..

We clap clap clap…

Like slapping our own selves…

Dare you not disturb us!!

We are busy MAKING LOVE





© Sai Padma :// IPR All Rights Reserved


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