Alcoholics’ Unanimous!!!



You make us cry! You make us laugh!
You are wonderful intelligent
Witty alcoholic…
Whom I can never forget in my
Day or night
Even in my insomniac dreams…
Your humor, valor, courage…
Slowly crumbling before a drop
You are in intoxication…
We are living in toxicity left by you…
Polluting the environment drop by drop
Driven by constant fear you propel
Lives your loved ones…
Love… the most convenient phrase used by you
Confused for real.. by others…
We try and try and try
To make you humane…wait for sobriety
Never realizing the bottle has taken you over
Again and again
And we are losing and losing…
There is hope… but you see it as rope
Around your neck… fatal for you!
Never wanting to know you…
Emotions thrown out of logic window…
Like the bottles you throw away…
Scared kids with innocent looks
Their tranquility crushed mercilessly…
Innocence forgotten…
Environment around you…
Feels and lives in lies…
Lies like facts everywhere…
You think your deeds are anonymous
Becoming synonymous to sins
On your body, mind and forgotten soul
People start hating you unanimously
Your anonymity with bottle gone to the wind
And identity with it begins

Inhibitive and instinctively
Damaging relations…
A woman’s drop of a tear…
A child’s silent cry…
The unbearable guilt of parents
The helplessness of friends and family..
What have you done…my dear?
Come on… Wake up…

Out Of

Self-imposed intelligence
“I know where to stop!” attitude…
Convenient theory of logic…
Labeling addiction as social drinking…
Come out… come out please!
Though the world around you is not the same
They are still your own!!
Wake up before it’s too late!
Later it will be late for a life time!!!


SobrietyMrs. Shridevi Muralidhar, Project Nishedh, V.B.Raju Health Foundation:

        I haven’t met Sridevi Muralidhar personally. But when you see and interact with her, its like you have known her from considerable amount of time, When I was desperate about seeking help for someone, I browsed net and found about her book on children of alcoholic persons and their plight, through a website. And the website said… the book is free for anyone to ask for. At that point of time, I am also counseling families of some alcoholics and closely working with some groups interested in helping the communities. I thought to myself…oh wow! A book for free in these days… I sent the designated e-mail a request wanting for a book, and immediately got reply on how many copies would I be needing?- amazed by their fastness in response, I hesitantly ordered some copies. They are delivered to my home address for possible distribution to the needy. After reading that book, which is in Telugu, I couldn’t contain myself and called Project Nishedh. Then I get to talk to Mrs. Shridevi Muralidhar, one woman behind the wonderful, but patient and often thankless work of V.B.RAJU Health Foundation, which is working on most neglected part of our society, alcoholics and their children. When I talked with her, I understood what importance her work is having and how she is doing it with just grit and determination with single motto- people have to be aware of ill effects- she is unfolding the blindfold of the alcoholic families and to take them towards healthy relationships overall. She is trying to help children on how to get out of the constant guilty feeling they face and protect their childhood.

        People don’t talk about inconvenient things, especially if such things are within the family. They try to hush up themselves, their conscience and their thinking adjusted to addiction in the family over a period of time. Shridevi Garu says- it’s like adopting and nurturing an elephant, beginning its ok and cute, later you can never afford it and it grows big enough and pain enough for the rest of your life!
I feel enlightened to meet her, honored to befriend her, just bow to her indomitable spirit and compassion in CLEANING OUR HOMES OF ADDICTION WHICH WE FAIL TO DO!

The reviews of her books are in the following links:

Avishakrana- book authored by Mrs. Shridevi Muralidhar- Book review by CP brown academy
By website

Further, she has authored first illustrated book on the condition of children belong to alcoholic persons/families. The book also narrates how to detect behavioral issues of such children. This book acts as manual and guide to not only parents, but teachers who could identify and help the children facing such problems. The link to the free E-magazine called Bujji ( Cute Little One’ in telugu) is below:>

Please go through it, the exciting part of the magazine is you don’t need to know Telugu, it’s so well illustrated.


Mrs. Shridevi can be contacted @

The address to their foundation:

V.B.Raju Social Health Foundation,
SRAVANA, 2-2-19/1, F-6,
Durgabai Deshmukh Colony,


Kudos to unsung heroes dealing with a problem like alcoholism in a country like India.
My deepest adoration to Mrs. Shridevi Muralidhar- certainly a great inspiration for me and many!

Lotus Beats- © all rights reserved.



  1. Brilliantly written. Thanks for highlighting a persistent work of someone from among us. Thanks for making us believe in the potential that we all have that we can make it. Anything that crosses a norm becomes a nightmare n drinking is one readymade malaise to fall in the trap so easily. It is practical that we realize its larger devilish aspect that is killing values n families across Indias – be it the rural, urban or metro.

  2. Thank you, mohini and rightly said santosh ji… people flow in that drop leaving pent-up and unnecessary guilt on the part of families and children.

    children becomes adults ..guilt remains the same!

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