The Epiphany of Life….


Some light…most dark…

Starkly attractive…the jubilant and vibrant moods

Changes its colors…Just in fractions

In the stones of time…

Where is constant??

What is constant??

The changing colors…

Some yellow…more saffron…

Hiding behind the hidden

Desire of vulgarity….so proud of it

Humanity tries and tires

To find a reason let alone logic….

All thrown with a whiff of air

Behind the divine magic…

Somewhere you are here baba…

Looking @ all of us….

Laughing really loud

A life spent in transforming others

An eternity containing maladies of others

Waiting for changed hearts

More compassion…more love

We are happy baba!!

To love you… to seek you…

To see what’s important than

What we are running for

We are thankful to you

My swami… to bring back

This wandering sheep

To be in its flock and serve it

We are blessed with you

Sai everywhere…

Eternally thankful for the unconditional

Love embodied amongst us…

You call us embodiments of love

We saw you living it!

Trillion thanks for

Filling our sight

Giving us vision…

The grand epiphany you gave us

Broadened our horizons

To serve the needy…

Humiliatingly bowing to…

A saffron spark faraway

Across the continents of SAI family

For making us

From your affinity to the finite!!

Spiritually Attuned Individuals (S.A.I)sai_baba


Om Sai Ram

Love All- Serve All



  1. Dear Mrs. Sai Padma!
    ‘The Epiphany of life’ reveals your love towards ‘Bhagavan Baba’ for his glorious days on this earth. I like and remember the following quote of Baba always.

    “Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, play it! Life is Love, enjoy it!”

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