Choices .Vs. Challenges The Story of Nagarjun, Our Focused Ability Achiever


 Nagarjun 1.1

             There was an ancient story of the focus of Arjuna, the warrior. When the Guru Dronacharya asked Arjuna who was fixing the target on a bird ‘what he is seeing- Arjuna replied- Gurudev! Eye of the bird… Guru was amazed at Arjuna’s ability to focus. He became favorite disciple of Guru Dronacharya.

                Today I am writing about the story of Nagarjun Rao Akula, elder son of a defense officer, a swimmer by passion, a cost accountant by profession, A soon-to-be Chartered Accountant by sheer will-power, a rebellious young man about systems and the way they should be! . Do the readers reminiscing about Amitabh of Janjeer?.. Well… add again AB of Natwarlal for his sense of humor.


                At the onset of the things, he is no different than any other person. People might ask- what’s big deal in achieving so many things as a teenager… sachin did centuries and Viswanathan Anand became the youngest grand master of chess! But our hero is different. He has different ability called disability. He got contacted with polio at a tender age of two. Life stopped for his parents being their elder son crippled for the rest of his life. But Nagarjun says proudly about his father, who never let the perception of disability enter Nagarjun’s mind. It’s not easy raising a male child with physical disability, he says,  bcoz people’s expectations on a male child starts before even he was born. Living out the expectation is more than a normal living…and to live that life full of challenges everyday… you got to perspire heavily to draw a drop of inspiration.

                But Nagarjun handled all with just his grit and perseverance and he credits his parents entirely as his support system in achieving this. They don’t feel “ I lack any ability to be a responsible elder son ( he has a elder sister, married off) , in fact, they even think I can super achieve! “ and when asked whether it acts as a pressure on him- he doesn’t mince words and says “YES” but I counsel them and sometimes consoles myslef’ – is his answer.  Further he adds- our lives are no different than other lives I guess!!”  

Nagarjun-FelicitationsNagarjun Felicitated


                The lives of many disabled may be same but the expectations and management of such expectations varies from individual to individual. The most common factor in challenged life is the will power to succeed despite the odds. That’s what made Nagarjun to work relentlessly despite his physical challenges. He chose swimming as his passion besides doing well in academics. He has won many awards for that and pursuing that with a die-hard attitude despite his busy schedule as articled student for chartered accountancy.

      Press Clippings of Nagarjun’s achievements Nagarjun-Press Clippings


                 For a disabled person, nothing comes easy- he says ruefully. To get anything, we have to work double hard on weak limbs!!  He says matter-of-factly. He is being felicitated by various member bodies in his contribution to Paralympics, and being meritorious in his Cost Accountancy. When asked why swimming- he simply says that is action! And I feel normal in water…and in future I can help others also. Really a farfetched thought for an average young person of today’s material world.

Nagarjun-Passionate Swimmer

Swimming is mantra to reach many challenged and be a role model. “I don’t want to leave my sport despite my busy schedule; I will have my profession to reach my career goals and my swimming to reach larger base of physically challenged persons. I can never forget how hard I tried to convince many people to for things which normal people take for granted!”  He has many questions swirling in his mind regarding system and the way disabled persons were treated in society. They can be summarized below, (though these are only snapshots of anger and helplessness that is deeply caused by society which fails to recognize & respect ability in disability)


·         Why people either project us as super human beings who can do all or just useless?

·         Why don’t society consider our emotions regarding career, opposite sex, friendships ?

·         Given the chance, we are also equal contributors to society, but why people bring our physical status only in everything??

·         Just to eliminate the word “ bechara”  from the minds of people, how much and how hard we can try and why????

·         Why persons with physical challenges are left out most of the time from the FUN part of life?

·         Why people think that we have to be responsible all the time for whatever we do? We also can make mistakes, feel jealous, live and love too!! Our mind is not disabled!!

·         You don’t need physical attributes to give the best in any profession you choose. I gave tuitions and studied myself. There were many people like me.

·         People’s perceptions towards disability have to be changed. Before even talking about law makers, the change should come from within.

·         Every Pwd’s life will be simple if and only if the government and system has a little bit sensitivity towards access.

·         We want opportunity, not pity!




Dear friends and readers… Nagarjun is no different than any young person of India. He just stood with his sheer grit and will power in this race of life. He turned his anger towards insensitivity as a tool to exceed and achieve success. You can do it too!! You can get in touch with Nagarjun-


Don’t curse the god/system/life that it has given you challenges… Remember challenges makes life more meaningful.






  1. You know what people like him inspire more and more and compels to work ever harder…and as usual your word has added glimmer to story…a true story 🙂

  2. Really an inspiring one.All the best to Nagarjuna.May his tribe come out boldly and inspire others.

  3. This article reminded me of a worthy sentence.

    “Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.” — Vaclav Havel

    Thats makes an Achiever. I would say: Dis(this) Abled Energetic Achiever…….Nagarjun……..Keep it up!!!!!

    I would repeat what Sai Padma keeps on saying: Everyone is a disabled one way or other. A right hand cannot write in the same manner as the left. For every thing it needs a bit of practice.

  4. I have no words to express my sincere feelings in this respect.
    I just want to remind the point you already know-

  5. I know Nagarjun even before he won his First Gold at Kolhapur. I have seen his Passion for Swimming his Helping Nature. It is wrong to say that He is a Physically challenged Person. But he is the Differently Abled Person. May God Give Him All Success in his future Activities.

  6. Hi dude it was my pleasure 2 hav frd like u. U are really the best guy 4ever. God bless u with happyness nd success at every step

  7. @ :-
    Madhur : Thanks dude

    Bhusan :really thanful im obliged to u to make ur

    Anthony :Thanks buddy

    Vipul :bus aise hi………

    Manish :aap jaise pyare doston ka dua ho to kyun nai…..

    Abhaji :Im OBLIGED…..

    Bhavnaji :aapne to hame gr8 bana diya… not as gr8 as u…..salute to ur positiveness, Optimism..

    Anand sir:aapne to char chand laga diye is article ko……..saying just “thanks” wud not suffice i think…….but i can surely say…….ur comment is like another feather to this writeup…….im really gr8ful to u………..

    Arjun :bus kya dost……ye sab tere wajah se to hai……u r like a mini mentor to me…………

    Mani :im just trying my level best to proove right ur farsighted thoughts abt me…………

    Viresh: me too…….same to u dude……..

    Sentatamil sir :thanks sirji

  8. dis article is rely inspirational….gud work Nagarjun…keep it up…n all the best for future….god bless u….

  9. @shreya: Thanks a lot shreya………..God bless to u too……….i assure i wud try my level best to keep it up……. 😛

  10. I knew that u have that capability to do such things i m not surpurise man keep going on bro u make ur friend proud!!!!

  11. words are just not enough to explain my gratitude towards your achievement and passion with which you work and accomplish your goal…. I wish you all the very best luck for your future undertakings and also request you not to forget me…
    keep it up… proud of you..
    your loving and caring sis…

  12. sir i always knew about your this potentiality so i call you sir but from know onwards i’ll call not sir but sir-g

  13. thats gr8…m nt saying by reading it… actually i kno abt u long back… everytime i used to remember ur efforts… even to ma some frnds i used to give ur example… its really too nice, that u r acheiving this much, and i feel happy about it….

  14. @Narender :Thanks a lot for the trust and Encouragement u give to me bro……

    @Smita, Trimurti, Imtiyaz, Mona : Thanks a lot

    @Suhani : Im sorry sometimes u become target of my anger………….Really Thank ful for ur spirit and selfless support to me……..u played a gr8 role till now………… really gr8ful to u……..

    @S. Panikar Sir :a very wise statement u made here………the one who can understand these can go far in life or else will surely perish…………….

    @A Parik :Im obliged……………

    @Nisha :Being a classmate since childhood u know me well……………Thanks a lot for being my frnd………..also for the trust, Motivation u guys provide me……………

  15. i know that u can do more in ur life n it’s the only beginning….I’m always happy to see ur success n my well wishes is always with u man keep it up………

  16. @pintu :Frankly speaking i have learned a lot from u………..specially living on the edge………….LOLzz………….ur and ur family’s’ support and love was intense and selfless……….That made a gr8 difference in my life……….Thanks a lot for being my frnd……

  17. my dear friend,
    how can i describe your success because i my self felt honor to be with such a successful man like u
    all the best for your future endeavor

    than u

  18. i’m really speachless….
    skul me toh aapki tarif sunne ko milti hi thi its good2see k aaj sab log aapki tarif kar rahe hai & u bcam der inspiration.
    u know mom & jayshree ma’m still remember u & thy even tlk abt u alot ” one of der spcl studnt”
    i show ths2 mom she is really vry happy4 u & me2
    may god fulfil all ur wishes…..
    all d best bro……

  19. you are really an inspiration to me also…… may you achieve all your goals…… and ha get marry soon your well wisher:-)keep smiling

  20. you are really an inspiration to me also…… may you achieve all your goals…… and ha get marry soon your well wisher:-)keep smiling you are also a good teacher but now you are busy talking to my future bhabhi

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