Diverse Divorce




The HE: loss of comfort of warm person beside

                Edgy arguments

                Urge to search for new wife/life?

                Meaning less pain which remain

               Cohesiveness of usual habits

               Hurt of ego over unconvinced peers

               Conflict of dharma and karma

               Loss of legacy so cherished thru generations

               Standing up “I said you so” attitude

               Dilemma to do this or do that…

               Caressing past flames

               Mindless avoidance games…

               Engulfed void…

              Unexplained anger…

              A silent reverberation

              An Open celebration

              A death of a relationship

              A pity unanswered

             Slammed door forever…


The SHE: relief from eternal domination

Confused coalition of thoughts

Entering the web of society again..

Un soothing outside

Seething inside…

Frozen thoughts and vacuum in life

         Weeping willows… whispering yester hunger

         Sudden time at hands

         New found freedom with worries

         Dilemma over Sutra and shastra

         Happy responsibility of children

         Unknown burden of raising them alone

         Dissolution of marriage…

         Disillusionment of life…

         Everyone is a friend…

         No one to really trust…

         Countless discussions over “what it should have been!!”

         Free as an individual

         Chained as woman forever…

         A life of eternal hope

         Of a final and full solitude!!!

divorce (1)        38390


The KID: The unavoidable listening of quarreling

                    Relieved to live without endless arguments…

                    Confused as to who is RIGHT and who Wrong?

                    Sudden and unwanted maturity

                    Untold fears and phobias…

                    Too chaotic too pressured…

                    So withdrawn and so edgy…

                    Unable to understand Mom Dad business

                    Every one giving lectures on how to behave

                    How to be more responsible

                    Sans caring the real response

                    A life and care forgotten

                    Over shadowed by over expectations

                    Wishing there is a ground below ground

                    Wondering where the child in them was buried…

                    Where the smiles of understanding gone

                    Entering the big world of double standards…

                    Staying there forever…

                    A child trapped in forced adulthood!

                    A generation de-generated!!


“A dissolution of marriage is the most disillusionment for kids. So

Think before you Act!

Perceive before you Conceive!!”



Bibliography: Dharma- the righteous path

                      Karma- Destiny

                      Sutra- called as “ Mangala Sutra” sacred thread worn by hindu woman in


                      Shastra- Religious scriptures directing the behavior of human being in 




  1. wonderful analysis and conclusion sai but sometimes things wont be in hands …den wat to do?need to deal wid life and shd accept life as it comes

    • Yes..I understand Sasi! you are very right..we have to take certain decisions when things and people are out of hands and heart. I wrote this for people who just waste their life in just one word EGO and most important is life after Divorce..for that one essential thing is COURAGE and ACCEPTANCE!

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