Quest for Thirst…

worldwaterday (1)          bangladesh-world-water-day-2009-3-20-4-0-19Quest for Thirst

Miles and miles to go…

For a drop of water

Pure and pristine

Everyone’s birth right

Water …water…everywhere

Unable to a buy a drop

Always a quest

To drench the thirst

Solution may be simple

But alas! People are complex…

World’s fighting

For drop of water

World is waiting

After failing miserably in valuing waterGD2811498@Women-struggle-throug-4590

Valuing life…

People in queue…for the only life source..

Is it wealth they are asking?

They are asking life

Horrendous life in clutches of pollution

Cycled and re-cycled

Used and abused

By every value system

Known and unknown..

Haves have it all

Wasting endlessly

Have-nots tied in knots

Waiting patiently

Getting suffocated…

Of poverty and pollution

Of water and life …

Generations suffering…

Mutilated body…mitigated mind

Imprisoned lives with polluted disability 1237920605276

Countries on war…

For the wealth of water…

To quench the thirst

But it’s always a quest

Unanswered ..vaguely answered

Covered by water in and out

Still water is scarce

But….who cares????

worldwaterday   [On World Water Day- March 22, 2011- Sai Padma Murthy]


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