Woes of Indian Wheelchair!!



under weight of its master..

murmuring yet dutiful

the old loyal servant wheelchair

wheelchair says; how I wish

to faithfully serve

just to take my master places

so many places… with so many steps

why I was denied access???

why I can’t go everywhere???

I have no access to places

my master has no access to life…

whey am I restricted to do my duty


powerful and possessive steps

sometimes I need to two people

sometimes ten….

with no dignity to maintain

where do I go ..how do i ?

I am tired of trying to take my master

similarly my master tired of his life

so here I retired of re-trying

oh..India..the land of high culture

spirituality overflowing…

where has gone the respect for human beings??

on wheelchairs…??

the land of destiny…but ours written by some

of insensitivity, negligence and sheer inertia

like bodies of our masters..

people don’t look at the

daily grind we undergo…

bearing the wear and tear

on the bumpy roads…

some times I feel..

I want to take rest in India…

but when I cant stop my duty..

when half india is like disabled…

with lot of hopes..smiles..on life

how can I stop?

let the wheel wheels…as long as there is life occupying it!!

to embrace life with positive mind!!

Let the whole world go cripple without thinking them!

I will still remain faithful, loyal as ever!!!

Let me navigate thru this inaccessible world!!

for a better and able tomorrow!!



One comment

  1. Dear readers , December 15, 2010
    Compensation is built in nature . Differently enabled people can join the main stream of life through this compensation mechanism . Excellence in intellectual frame of mind adds to earning power as well as ability to get freed from disability by better afford-ability & mobility which is absolutely a need of the hour .
    Example is the story” Woman of steel ” The Managing Director of Jindal saw is as tough as the steel she works with … Master of all trades :Sminu Jindal is a successful business woman , an avid art collector and runs a non -profit organisation for the disabled . More detailed information can be found in the Outlook Business of December 25,2010 .
    No doubt it is not an easy job but through a participative leadership with vision this compensation mechanism can be kindled in to the minds of those who are victims of fate once, can say with pride that they have been adequately compensated by intellectual excellence for a physically challenging state of life .
    The organisers who man these non-profit organisations must have a will to have a share and care attitude and not functioning in in isolation . The technological tools and internet are handy these days and each of these NGOs have to avail these in the order of priority followed by training co-differently enabled, in computer applications as a priority tool for this compensation, a constant networking followed by other mobility devices ,
    Yet another example among many , of this compensation mechanism to play is intellectual excellence achieved by dedicated efforts by Naga Naraeh with will power ,.who became a software specialist despite loosing both legs at relatively young age .He now works for a multinational company .
    These examples followed by dedicated service and action packed life of Sai Padma Murthy founder of Global Aid amply demonstrate that the compensation instinct can be kindled by and in any one struck by action of fate taking these individuals as role models .
    C.S.Krishna Kumar .

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