Indian Disability Survival Rules’2009 [version 2.9]

         Here is some of the disability survival rules prescribed. Don’t ask me by whom… by being disabled in a country like India, you learn some tricks of the trade. Some you learn from the elder disabled persons. In this learning again, there is a world apart difference between male and female. But I am writing my version in neither “he” not “she” but more like “It” (a phrase might be synonymous with Indian disabled)

        There might be “bugs” in my version. Of course….every program is meant to be re-programmed or re-engineered, if not, scrapped (humble example is scaling up from windows XP to VISTA to Windows7… now you got my point??)

Ok… ladies and gentlemen and disabled… here comes out my Golden Rules:

  • A disabled is a disabled, no matter how much you have achieved, people’s vision is never broadened beyond your wheelchair/hearing aid/walking care/any other ability aid you are using.
  • Don’t feel bad when people doesn’t communicate with you, eye-to-eye. Dead corpses and disabled people are some of the sights, sensitive Indian individuals cannot digest.
  • By being disabled, people either think you are too intelligent or too dumb (no offence meant for this type of disability). More people judge the later than the former. Remember the famous quote-‘ what people thinking about you is none of your business’
  • Plan everything ahead if you are going anywhere. Be it whatsoever. If possible ask some able-bodied person to give you a P.I.R (Preliminary Investigation Report). Every disabled person is a V.I.P (Very Imprisoned Person) in India… Miles to go before to become VERY INDEPENDENT PERSON.
  • “DISABILITY” and “LIABILITY” are synonymous words. They also rhyme alike. So disabled workers… If you are a lady, you are a liability. If you are a gentle man you are liable to take care of the family because they have invested on a liability many years to turn that into an asset.
  • If you are employed, feel blessed. Never aspire for promotions. If you are not, try hard to get one- don’t compare with normal individuals in this process, even if their normalcy doesn’t count in the job.
  • Don’t just go by the word ‘Inclusion’. That is meant for the policy proposals and HR policies.
  • Try to be happy all the times, despite your hardships. Because at least there should be some invisible difference between you and normal folks. Don’t take the smile away from your face.
  • Don’t complain too much. Because complacency is everywhere.
  • Remember… parents/ spouses/ care-givers may or may not have a choice in not having you, but employers/bosses /society does have!
  • Trust me, life is a rat race. Simple understanding is you are a four-wheeled rat. Deal smartly, otherwise you will be rotten and forgotten
  • Lastly, when opportunity knocks at your door, Push your wheel-chair harder. Don’t look for help, Its always arrives late, when you no longer need it.

So friends…here are some of the rules. Who knows I may come our with version 20.10 in year 2010? Good Luck in chasing your dreams on your wheelchair/walker/ability accessory


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