When you say about your marriage

One can feel inside the heart

Glowing with fondness of exotic affection

It’s almost marrying a country,

Their traditions, their values

Which are so alien to you…

Where have gone all the time

The poring over the books

The effort to learn and adopt

To love and be loved

From the corner lands of India

The gullies and chawls

The mud alleyways.. unknown routes

The villages and smiles..

You never seen on any GPS

Trying to find new people.. The forgotten friends…

They say ‘sita’ is great.. She went unquestioningly to forest

With an over dutiful rama..

I feel every woman is great who made

A foreign land her own.. Trying to emulate

Their systems and methods

Just for one thing in return… their LOVE

Wrapping in saree.. salwar… just to be one of them

Oh! Memsaab! You are wrapping all of us

Enticingly forever.. in your charm and love

By just sheer affection!!

Ohh! I feel great just about thinking them

Rebecca’s,philine’s,christina’s of the world…

What’s in a name????????

When your soul is Indian?

The compassion you show towards problems

The effort you put to reach out hearts…

With smiles.. Travelling miles..

So many things you did for us..

For poor souls of love and affection

For people who don’t know how to express themselves

The haves and have not’s!

We may become an after page

But we are wafted in your kind aroma of love!

The color of your skin don’t mean anything

Before your kinship for humanity!

We journey forever to see goddesses

A one-way street to attain nirvana..

Why don’t we worship woman who

Made a foreign culture their own..

Trying to learn attire and values..

Blending the best of the both worlds!

Oh! Mem Saab! We agree that

Marrying an Indian is like marrying India..

We feel great that you are our daughter

Just born in a different soil….

You very well know the saying…

A daughter is a daughter ALL HER LIFE!

(Dedicated to all foreign woman who married an Indian and brought their humanity as a DOWRY)


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