Waiting For Death….


What’s death anyway?

Is that happens when a person is no more?

Is that we stop thinking about a person

So natural it is

So final it seems

Everyone knows… but tries to escape

The thought of death

For some it’s painful

For many it’s over before they knew

Organs of life…. melting slowly

So many breaths in to one

Changes whole environment

In to unknown territory

People coming and going

Smell of anti-septic still in nostrils

Waking us up to harsh reality

Cold death

Leaving numb minds

How hard it is to wait for?

Certain death in an uncertain time

Every time it comes

We think it’s untimely

Some more time please..

We ask our almighty

Some time to live, love

To give everything

Positive and negative

Remembering a book titled

“who will cry when you die??”

Is it vital for dying person?

He is busy in business of dying

Getting delayed by modernity’s of life

Jumble of words… confusing

All hatred melting into one

Prayful determination….to my thee!!

Liberation of soul…

Into this eternal universe

Let anyone and everyone die

With the same bliss as they enter

With smile.. bidding adieu to loved

Let them have a graceful exit

As graceful as their entering the show

Oh! My friend….Are you alive?

‘Coz we are thinking about you!

Are you dead?

‘Coz we can’t see you anymore

Ashes to ashes…. Dust to dust!!!



on 16/10/2009 @ 6.16 PM


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