An Ode to Mother



I want to write about mother…

Not mine or anyone’s

But about a mother… definitely not mother earth…

When I want to write

I have so many things…

And again I remember my amma…

She reminisces about a family

A busy family indeed… wants to build a home for Mom

All the time… they want their mom to be in good home

A home of all comforts… they always vow to do that

When they come home tired and exhausted

They vow to do it tomorrow…

A home for mom is never a reality!

She is always home but she owns nothing.

Well… I wonder what I am trying to say…

Ok… let me do it this way…

Mother of a disabled child:

Always at the threshold of confusion and comparison

The do’s and don’ts of motherhood

Wishing to deny disabled child’s existence

Too painful to do so

Often confused and confiscating her emotions

Fighting always with relatives

And not-so relatives

She is a fugitive of her own thoughts

Too many expectations

Too many set-goals

She is in a silent race held by society

A race with no wins… a race with no one

Trying to make her child NORMAL

Always comparing notes

Guilty of her child-birth

Guilty of her own thoughts

Stereo-type images of success

Always bearing in mind

Striving hard to make her child NORMAL

Not thought of making the DISTINCT

My dear mother!

When will you stop worrying?

About my life, my marriage, and again my life

I am not a super human

Make me distinct

God has given me to you

Because you are brave!

Don’t be in a craving of normalcy

Please don’t expect for miracles

And create debacles in life of your ABLED child

I love you so much!

Please love me unconditionally AS I AM!!


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