A Run Away Mother !

Indian Mother Tired

Mother! Mother!

Why are you running away!

Tired of taking care

Endless and regardless

Bored of listening to our stories?

Self-proclaimed successes?

Drowning you in bliss called coma

Post decades of unrecognized care

Weary of being a mother?? or wife??

We still fight for you

Not for your love but…

For our share of your service!

Still can hurt you by saying

“You have no mercy on us!”

Without a fraction of remorse

How you wished that we grow

So you become a child to us!

But dear mother!!

We may never grow

Firstly treat you as human being

Let alone a woman!!

So mother! Oh! Mother!

Run away … from these children

Run away! You are not responsible

We are able to do our mistakes

Grown enough for our faults

You have done your duty.. so run fast

Before it’s too late

To work on forgotten things

To care for yourself

To do your own silly mistakes

Feel the nature, be yourself

Mother! Mother! Run away!

Lest you forget your own name

You are not just someone’s mummy!!!!!




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