Ambedkar and Beyond…





A tribute by Saipadma Murthy


There is world before you

There is world after you

But the way you changed our minds

Our worlds indeed…

So notoriously told to globe

That what we are

And what we were…

So glaringly visible caste India

Posing to world as chaste India

What have you done my dear babasaheb?

With a stroke of pen and burning midnight oil

Makes us remember you

Forever and ever and ever

But we are clever…

You wanted to unite us,

We are searching every conceivable way to

Divide us in to castes…Sub-castes…known and unknown

But you won!!

On our ignorance and negligence

Purposeful and not so

You caught us with constitutional pen

Gunning down our brilliant action of equality

Caught us red-handed indeed

But dear babasaheb

You amuse us!

Why there is no one like you

Beyond you….

Are atrocities ceased to stop

Is India equal in words and deeds?

We get so many questions

With no apparent answers

People were busy enjoying

Their reserved and deserved status

Rest of unreserved busy with fighting

For possible benefits of their future reservations

Yes… we do remember you!

Definitely on two days a year

We try to bring equality

We are yet to infuse quality in equality

Dear Babasaheb…

We want to give a tribute to you…

Now we all have essentials of life

Thanks to you!

Whether we respect fellow lives

We surely respect our lives.

Though we may not recognize dignity

We are leading fearfully dignified lives!

We try to garland you

Pay tributes from lips

Thinking about tomorrow’s work

Today’s generation doesn’t much know about


But it knows about CLASS INDIA !

But ironically… your iron will

So evident and fresh on constitutional paper

Is afresh in our minds

It’s not faded or yellowed like practicing constitution

We may get jaded as individuals

But we can promise you…

We will be united

In bringing INDIA out of CLASS INDIA

We promise you

You are not just a text book in children’s curriculum

You are an equal feeling that you evoked in

Every Indian’s heart

Which we wish to keep alive

Don’t you think we have you in our daily lives ?

Of unity, equality and fraternity

Which is much necessary in this turbulent

Terror stricken world!

Let there be innumerable ambedkars

In this INDIA to make our country… THE INDIA

6/12/2008 Ambedkar Death Anniversary


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