We, The Social Workers!

We, the social workers

Wherever I go, I make it a point to visit the nearby places and see as much as I can. Its always funny how much we see and how much we forget with the time. The people, their faces and their references fades in to memory. We fight to recall the name of the person who was once close to us in some way or the other. Some may not agree with this generalized statement. Anyway.. when you go on seeing new faces and places all the time, its hard to remember and connect the people exactly in the same reference as we know them in past.

Since long I am struggling to be a writer. It’s a long term desire to be an accomplished writer like vikram seth, kiran desai, arundhati roy etc.. etc.. ( I don’t want to be settled less than a booker prize! You should understand that!) But when I sit down to write all I remember is the people I know or met. Some times people making the places and sometimes places are identified with places.

Do you feel I am getting somewhere? Well… This reminds me of a person who always asks after the speech…”Do I make some sense??” people tend to say kindly “oh! Yeah! We understood what you are talking about “and here I wonder “do they really??”

Well.. Let me come to the point as I am crossing the decent limit of an introduction. Today I wish to share my knowledge about social workers. Because I am one like so many.  We work for india’s development. We are an exciting and diverse group coming from different parts of the world, sharing one common goal, Development of our country. But we are also as different as anyone can be. But our tribe has certain basic traits we have inculcated through years of our social work. There are some distinctive characteristic features which I find amusing.

Oh! Again I am started giving a monologue. This is also one of the characteristic features of our social worker tribe. Let me summarize my hard-earned knowledge from lot of seminars, workshops and lectures to you. I feel delighted to share this knowledge with you free of cost.  Please remember, there is no catch in it, like you all think!

So I am giving today, the do’s and don’ts as I perceive in big gatherings of our social workers. Do this. You will be global.

  • Always try to look kind and wise (whether you understand what the other person is saying or not!)
  • Attire is most important. Try to be Indian. Wear kurtha pajama if you are men, not so grand silk/khadi saree if you are a woman. For later don’t forget a big bindi on forehead. For former don’t wear your Hawaiian shirt or shorts.
  • Always have a theory handy. (you might be asked to speak when they are short of speakers)
  • You should be able to talk about rural India whether you lived there or not. That goes with packaging you as upcoming social entrepreneur.
  • Try to talk as much you can! (you may or may not get chance to speak again)
  • You should be part of a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to speak about its work. If you differ with them, meaning if you don’t like what they are talking, you can always open another NGO. Please remember, it’s not re-inventing the wheel its called working with focus on a mission.
  • You should always enjoy the criticism about other organizations. Just encouraging the talker with subtle smile.
  • Always question about some problem/issue which is very big to tackle by any single individual/organizations. After all, you should participate in discussions in an intelligent way.
  • Please don’t push anyone for any action or outcome. People themselves are confused and torn between so many things. They have given their weekend for you.. What more you are asking from them!
  • When you give speech, talk about numbers. People should know that you are working in big numbers. For ex. How many states you are working and how many areas you wish to work! (You can include wherever your relatives are!)
  • Be natural and be yourself. Be humorous (though.. your presentation CD didn’t work on convention projector!)
  • When you are questioned about some thing you don’t know… you have escape routes 1. Sideline the question by saying “ This is an interesting

Question, hope Mr/Ms X is more able to answer this!!”

2. Question the veracity of person asking you the questions like whether he fully understands the question or what made him ask such question etc.. etc.. (You are creative! I needn’t say you much!)

  • If you are in audience (god save the organizers!) always ask questions intelligently in a way that they concern your work in the NGO.
  • Hey.. don’t forget khadi jacket/shawl (according to your choice.. after all, you are decisive in your own way.

Ok Dears.. This is lesson No.1 (there will be more if you keep calling me for your meetings) of cource sustainable development is possible with sustainable development of activists,social entrepreneurs, NGOs and NPOs. More Later… so bye bye.. Oh No! Namasthe! Jai Hind! ( if you belong to Mumbai Jai Maharashtra!)


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