The dynamism of life

The lifelessness of life

Listed simply in shivam and soham

Eliminating the eternal binding ego… aham..

The demonic thoughts emanating from

Lifeless body and ageless brain

Thoughts like snakes

Making their dances in head

All protected by srishti… the nature

Rhythmic by Shiva…on to the cosmic dance

Of life and lifelessness

How beautiful lifelessness is

So soulful and blissful

Like laya …the rhythm of life

The naked dance of life…

Proving how we came in to this world

Our genesis as progeny

Cementing symmetrical thoughts

Resting in various cemeteries

The power of Shivam and Soham

So vividly clear to the third dimension

Of lifeless life

Something beyond them and in between them

Something so sensual and sensational

Human face of cosmic beauty

Hailed in all religions

“Dust to dust… Ashes to ashes”

All the game and all the viciousness

From one to another birth

And death too…

Yet shivam emphasizes the cosmic love

The contended love

In male and female form

Giving more than half to a

Much acclaimed better half.

The smell of ashes

Keeping tab on snake like thoughts

For human benefit….

That dance has no birth… no death

Only vibrancy of life and lifelessness

In short… Shivam and soham

What a wonderful journey..

From shivam to soham

Shedding attachments one after another

With ripple effect of music and dance

Dancing like a river… with unbounded energy

Eternally drawn from universe

I am humble and heartful

As human being

Being a part of ever- existing shivam

Reaching soham!!!

23/2/2009 Maha shivarathri

Shivam: philosophy of Lord Shiva

Soham: means “lifelessness” in Sanskrit


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