Politics & Prostitution

Politics and prostitution

Both the words start with “P”

Ends with

Bizarre desire for power

Yes…It’s powerful power

Beautiful to someone

Luring and alluring to everyone

For that beautiful mistress

People build a fort of lies

Walking to the kingdom

Of a pack of cards…

Basing your own people

Trusted you for so long…

Wasted their life all along

We wonder what we did!

Are you the same people?

For whom we came into politics

By prostituting your souls

Corrupting your minds

Does a prostitute allows

If we call her a politician

“No…No…” She says

“I am doing much nobler profession”

She has a real power

A true power which is her very own!

Many thoughts…

Shuddering at the thought of switching TV

Someone calling someone

In un-parliamentary language

Is there lowest ebb to that?

Or just a deep abyss…?


Schools and colleges

Teaching people how to be

Politically correct!

Laced with violence

Never at peace with your own self

What is your real self?

You so selflessly sacrificed


To serve humanity

The biggest lie that has been told

And helplessly believed

By millions of us!

People of this country!

Whenever anyone wonders

Human race can’t degrade

Much more than this!

Let’s show them a bunch of


No guesses who the winner is!

That award is always

Manipulated by our own leaders

Because they buy their bought ideas


Common people behave

Prostrating before democracy

Become prostitutes

In the hands of politicians

Hallelujah! Washington!

What good you have got

By evicting prostitutes and

Electing politicians

Is it a right choice?










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