Getting Trained to Womanhood


Getting trained…

For what… a woman gets trained

For everything, to be a perfect

Daughter, sister, mother and wife

Why the system systematically call the

From a woman

Not from a man

Is he not supposed to get trained?

Train of thoughts

Swirling leading to parabola of existence

We train and re-train

To the maiden house rules

To husband house rules..

If there are no rules..

Society trained minds say

How to do a particular task

Done from ages

By the same mothers, sisters and daughters and wives

Redundancy of tasks

In the name of management

A man manages,

Is it that’s why it’s called management?

He ages

But never tires from training a woman

He feels proud in training a woman

According to his wishes and conveniences

“You should take care of your husband”

Says a motherly trained woman

Expecting same from everyone

Feeling proud of her training

Her pedigree of being a woman

I feel everything like horse’s stallion

See the pedigree

Her winning record, her performance

Power of her legs and shape of her body

Is that all that is there to look?

Man ages

Still he manages.

Programs suddenly change

Woman afraid of change

But trained to change every minute and every moment

Barring all the hoods

Still woman gets training to be a woman

Womb to tomb

After all… the mother is also woman

Who is supposed to feel proud !

Of her pedigree

Of her progeny

Says a famous politician

Our woman never cries in public

Train her and re-train her

Till she stops thinking of her own

Feels guilty of her own identity

Then only her training as a woman completes

When she takes her last breath

Wishing to be changed as her own

Scared and never dared

To voice out the change she wants

Man ages…

But still he manages

To get his own way

Feeling proud of his training capabilities

In making a woman to moron

Wish woman can manage

Not to give birth to managed man

And damaging this world

Which is stopping emotional clocks

Of so many woman like her.  11/2/2009


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