The Smart Good Kid


I always have a question…

Hauntingly reeling in mind…

Over my escapades of life

Some good and some smart!

The question is….?

Is it important being GOOD or being SMART???

Being good… the essence of life

Said from the childhood

Inculcated and digested

Like a usual meal

Silently observing giving elders…

But… being smart

Learnt some from street and some from home

After embracing life to achieve

Money, power and position

Why the goals have to be tangible?

Does smartness work in achieving peace?

Questions in a Queue all the time

The helplessness you feel

Looking at small children

So innocent and good at mind and heart

Where everyone at large sincerely try

To make them SMART

Converting them thru convents

The best game of unequals

We have ever witnessed!!

Why should we blame a child?

Because he is a child??

Just as he calls a spade and a spade…

Oh! My god! Or someone’s god!!

Please don’t create a world

Where every child wishes

Keep aside all smarter elders

In order them to BE GOOD

And importantly DO GOOD!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



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