The Inheritan[ce] Of Life


The inherited life…

Generations to generations

Changing faces…same values

Volumes can be said…about lost values

Fighting to come up in life ladder

Of fame…money…Morals…peace…

Important being…

What society says about us!!

Living and dying in premonition

Donning several masks…

Of shy…Valor…Intimidation…

Successfully endorsing same fears

To our beloved sons and daughters!!



How we used to wish

For our sons and daughters

To be fearless..Courageous

Where their freedom is free

And head is held-high…

But… In the name of society

We breed xerox copies

Of our fearful values

Repeating rhetorically..Tirelessly

Same words and deeds

Similar actions and reactions

The basic basis of life

We have inherited and we are inheriting

Saga of inheritance of life!



Agony of routine life

“Don’t try to be different”

“Don’t try to be creative”

Protect your heritage….your inheritance

At the cost of your creativity and humanity

Because my friend!!

Indentify yourself…

You are indeed an inheritan

You belong to a globe of repeated values

With slight name changes

Let there be no questions

In the minds of society

That we are anyone different from

What our previous generation are!!

Let you caught fire in web of expectations

                                                                                Let you breath fragrances of society

                                                                                Let you think in line with generations backward

                                                                                Let you live the glorious inherited life!!!














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